It Made Him President.

There are some who do not read.   Ok.  Read.

…to much discord of some, the left did help elect Donald.   Amen.   Lets move on.   A good read.

Look at woodpile too.

You know, I am struck by one thing.  One thing only.  Once Hillary made her deplorable speech, calling me – yes, me, as in, a beer-swilling, rust-belt dwelling, insert-phobic (which I am not, at all), she was done.   Done.   And I cannot hide my glee at the fact that Democrats heads explode now.   Good.

So, celebrate.

Complicated business folks.

And give Ann Colter a victory lap.  She called it, much to the mocking and laughter of others.  She was right.   She stood by it.  Well in advance.

Be smug.


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