Link Dump.


Because I’m too busy lazy to say anything all that original.

A good choice:

This protests, or riots, they are being organized by the far left, without question:

Can’t say I disagree.  Its time to end Hillary’s mucking around in the Middle East:

More from the Slimes, but its a fact – Russia, IMHO, did reach out to both campaigns in some way or fashion, whether reported here or not:


If he does this, he’ll need support from a handful of democrats to pass a bill, right?:

Finally, a petition I could sign:

Grub Hub takes a hit.   Gee, sometimes getting political does have consequences:

Finally, one person in education thought to state the obvious:

A long read.  A few days ago, I pointed out that the long knives were out amongst the democrats.  Believe me, those knives are being sharpened by the Democrats for Trump.  They’ll try to take him down:

TRUMP™: Everything and Nothing has Changed

Sounds cold:

Speaking out of both sides of ones mouth, this lady on FB:

Sure, I can do that.  If I could find any:

Please Take the .22 Pledge

I believe these rioters are a small bunch in number.   I’m going to watch for the Democratic Establishment – not these rabble-rousers – to get more radical, and try to set Trump up.   They are not going to give up:

Last-Ditch Effort Underway to Elect Hillary Clinton, Block Donald Trump Presidency


That’s what makes us a country.  Once California really thinks the cost, succession is just talk:

Not so fast Yahoo.  He’s not made any final announcement yet, or did I miss something?:–finance.html




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