Hillary Desperate… .

…blames Trump for Wiki Mail Dump, claims he’s in it with the Russians.   That they hacked the DNC email servers – her unsecured server – and now Trump seeks to use it against her in the coming election.

Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, suggested on Sunday that the Democratic National Committee was hacked by the Russians in order to help Donald Trump become president. Never mind that they damned themselves with their own words.


And she did damn herself with her own words.  Problem is, will it keep her from the presidency.

Aside that Hillary was, and remains an unqualified idiot and traitor-for profit, fact is, she is in bed with a lot of foreign entities, countries and bad-actors for profit.  For herself.  At great risk to our country.

Nothing new.  But the lowest common denominator can’t see it…. .

Like Uranium One, where Hillary did what?:


Just as they say, don’t put things in writing you don’t want people to know later.





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