Cops Shoot. Governor Flees?

Maybe there’s more to it, but certainly a cautionary tale for concealed carriers.

A crowd of around 200 protesters turned up outside Governor Mark Dayton’s residence in Saint Paul at 3am demanding for him to ‘wake up’ and speak to them. They shouted ‘no justice, no peace’ and video shows them chanting Castile’s name over and over in a moving show of unity.

A man outside the Governor’s house said on Twitter: ‘We’re protesting at the governor’s mansion. The police sent two delegates to make peace. They brought their guns.’

Governor Dayton was reportedly evacuated from the mansion.

So, a couple of take-aways:
– just having a gun does not give law enforcment the go-ahead to shoot someone.  Nor does just moving your hands.
– some police are poorly trained in how to interact with concealed carriers.
–  its likely that gun-grabbers will use this incident somehow to support their argument.

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