Ronald Ritchie, Walmart 911 Caller, Charged.




Document dump:

Ronald Ritchie, Walmart Shooting 9-1-1 Caller. Called-Out.


Ronald-Ritchie-615x345Ronald Ritchie’s (Pictured) anti-gun ignorance resulted in the death of John Crawford (also not the brightest bulb) at an Ohio Walmart in early August.

Over at The Dana Show. 

Looking at the video, its plain – Crawford did not point the “gun” at anyone, no less at any children.  He was not acting aggressively.  He was fiddling around with a toy and got blown away by cops with a shoot first mentality – a state of mind fed to them by Ritchie.

Law Enforcement’s dramatic response:


No indictment for the officers, but clearly Ritchie “should be” culpable.  Whether he will be held to account, not sure.  But unless I am missing something, all Crawford appeared to do in the video is “threaten” a bag of kibble in the pet-food isle.

“Crawford was speaking on the phone in the Walmert (sic) to LeeCee Johnson, the woman who is the mother of Crawford’s two children. She later described hearing Crawford tell officers, “it’s not real,” immediately before the shooting began. A grand jury last week decided that the officers would not be indicted in the Walmart shooting death of John Crawford III.”

Ritchie’s interview with law-enforcement here,

Note where he says:

– He’s “absolutely” familiar with firarms.  Really?  Well, during the interview Ritchie submits that he was “right next to” Crawford.  Military experience?  Are you sure?  And you don’t know enough from your experience to ascertain that Crawford was carrying a toy?

–  Later, he at least implies that he knew this toy was out of its packaging.

–  He says that he thought the situation was getting “serious.”  Yes.  Was that before or after the surveillance tapes show Crawford in the pet-food isle, on the phone, laughing?

And finally, “if you’re dumb enough to point any kind of weapon at a police officer you get what’s coming to you.”  Hmm.  How about, “If you’re dumb enough to call police when you should know, Mr. “Absolute Military Absolutely”, the difference between a weapon and a toy, you get whats coming, to you.”

And of course, he changes his story. 

He can’t stop himself, apparently.

I think the best thing he can do, at this point, is Shhh.

The same advice holds true for media outlets and reporters.  I hope he keeps on talkin’.



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