AR-160319137.jpg&MaxW=650I used to be a pretty poor swimmer.  Despite lessons.


Then we moved to Florida.  Actually, taking the Florida bar many years ago, we took the opportunity to go snorkeling in the Keys.  One week holed up in a hotel in Tampa for the exam and the next in the Keys.

Jumping into crystal clear water with a life jacket, it soon became clear, floating in salt water is not hard sans jacket.   So it was a great time and I learned how to float.

coastal-great-barracuda-710x300Then the barracudas… .  Under the boat.  There I learned respect for the water and critters in it.

Ok, fast forward – after our move I loved to snorkel along the gulf coast.  At first.  Not a lot to see, but fun anyway.

wpid-20150810_1042580Until the June grass.  Sigh.

swarm1_h3And then the jellyfish.

274D822000000578-3026509-image-a-31_1428247861126And sharks.

It was fun while it lasted.


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