rVnEQJRl_400x400Normally, I sleep well.  Sometimes I don’t.

When I don’t, I have thoughts storming in my head.  Thinking about the day ahead, politics, clients, upcoming trials, etc.

White noise helps.  But this guys droning stories, they are effective.   Its a psychological REM sleep thing.

So, if you have trouble sleeping, and need something to keep your mind off daily trouble, check it out.

My wife came into the bedroom the other day and said, “hey, where is the boring guy…”.  I was asleep without this podcast.  But she was looking forward to it.

What happens is this: when you try to sleep, if you cannot concentrate on sleep, if your thoughts are racing, you sit there, awake.  Maybe all night.

This podcast bores you to death.   It gives you noise to listen to when you cannot sleep.

Pretty cool.



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