Mr. Counselor…. .

These lawyers, they are more troubled than me. I have no idea who they are.

People come to me all the time.  With the mundane, or complex.  I either give them simple legal advice, let them go, or sometimes, we have to do something more.  Most of the time, its just advice.  Sometimes its more.

Going to an attorney is difficult.  You have to admit at that point you have an issue.  Just like a doctor.  You admit, you have an issue.  That you could not get the tiger by the tail.   That is when they come to me, unfortunately.

Turn and cough.

Job security.

I spent the last two weeks on extensive trial prep and litigation only to settle at the last second.  At great cost.

I guess the point is, our services are in high demand.  When you need us, we are there, at high cost.  And I’m sorry about that.  But we pitch your stuff if it is good…. .  And I win.  Yea me.

….a celebratory post.  On an issue I would not talk about.  And could not.




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