Chinese Safes.


Cheap safes, are not safe.  No matter what.  On the other hand, its a layer of security.  Philosophy of use.

Now if you really wanted to lock something up…..:

mesa-safe-mtlf1814-tl-30-fire-rated-composite-safe-f38 31SHbmcUfJL._AC_UL320_SR240,320_




On Walls.

img_3347Which isn’t to say the U.S. shouldn’t build a wall. America deserves a secure border, and if the current tools —patrols, motion detectors, drones, fencing, natural geographic barriers — aren’t enough, then the government has a responsibility to pursue other options. But building the wall would be much more difficult than candidate Trump pretends. Voters who are fed up with being promised the moon only to wake up to the same rotten status quo are a big part of Trump’s success. How angry would they be to find out their savior was no more capable of bending reality to his will than the men he replaced?