Johnny Cash in Prison….

….I have been in a few prisons, as a visitor, I can assure.

Stinking, miserable places.   Sweaty, stinky, for sure,  dangerous, maybe.  Always I was under supervision.  Florida Prisons have no AC.  Ugh.  Lots of security, obviously.  They give you a “dolly”, a little e-thing you activate if you get hit.  That never happened, and I have to say, these guys were great.  They were fine.  They were short-timers, about to be released, and really just wanted to get out.

After working with short-timers about to be released, talking to them, boy, I can only imagine the joy if they got to hear Johnny Cash.   I could see on their faces.  I saw them finish their hard time.  They were just looking forward to getting out.  The stories they told.

Johnny Cash’s last performance:

He could stoke the guitar.

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