Of Patriots and Constitutionalists.

19627587-mmmainNot sure the marijuana ask put forth any positive impression about this merry group, if one could have even been had from the start.

It sounds as though they really fell apart at the very end… .

After repeatedly threatening to shoot himself, complaining that he couldn’t get marijuana, and ranting about UFOs, drone strikes in Pakistan, leaking nuclear plants and the government “chemically mutating people,” the last occupier, David Fry, 27, lit a cigarette, shouted “Hallelujah” and walked out of his barricaded encampment into FBI custody.

And on another somewhat related note:

Its Time to Audit the NRA’s Books… .

Not sure if there’s a mechanism for that.  Or if there was, good luck!  And even if they were somehow forced to “open the books”, so what?


NRA Under Attack.




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