Eat This.

Bone Broth.

Sounds Icky to some, but its actually pretty good.

Image Courtesy of

Our dog has significant joint issues – arthritis.  Even at a young age.  Combined with bad knees – she had subluxating patellas in both knees that required surgery – she needs to keep her weight down, is not *supposed* to jump and run too much, and needs glucosamine.

Pebbles, r., and Sophie, l.

We learned that if you take bones – chicken bones – and gently simmer them for a long time – more than 24 hours – the result is an excellent glucosamine broth.  And its tasty, for the dog at least.

So, chicken in the crock pot, no seasoning.  When chicken is done, strip out the meat for later.  Leave bones in for 24 hours or more on simmer.

We add water to make sure it doesnt get too thick, but the idea is that the broth will reduce into a gel.  2C6EF6EC00000578-3240499-image-a-44_1442606506380

At the end, we also like to take a potato masher and mash up all the bones, cartilage and remaining meat.   Then put it into smaller containers and freeze.



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