Field and Stream. David Petzal.

61nfsYPM79L._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_I like F&S.  I like David Petzal.  His commentary only laments the difference between SHOT shows 30 or so years ago with today, a sign of the times perhaps.

He needn’t be attacked.

…and he is an “Old School Rifles Editor.”

David Petzal Defends…. .


6 thoughts on “Field and Stream. David Petzal.”

  1. Actually he needed to be slapped. First, we are no longer living in a publishing world where your words only land on a selected few, but bounce over to millions and that includes the Opposition. Second: If Gun Culture 2.0 has not gone to your side, it might simply because they don’t know your frigging side exist. If you have not made the effort to be known, don’t expect to be known.
    So he better get his ass out of the deer blind and introduce a new generation to the excellent world of hunting and the outdoors.

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