Some Winter Morning Reading… .

u505-illus-HiRez-MSIGerman sub discovered off of English coast:

taxpayer free shitSaw news of a lady stuck on some interstate in KY.  She lamented how uncomfortable she and her family were.  And then went on to say how “….they were supposed to come and bring us water, gas and food.”  Huh?  You don’t have all that with you when you travel?  You expect people will bring you stuff and bail you out, you expect that?

250142a5454a79be9c0b9694f2be2380Apparently, Muslim migrants in Europe have different norms and beliefs…:

In the wake of the Cologne attacks, a prominent Muslim imam, Sami Abu-Yusuf, told reporters women were to blame because they “dress half naked and wear perfume.”

Bsiw4RWCYAEBFK_Ahh yes, fast and furious.  Part Deux.  Or Trois:

Holder.   And Obama.

Michigan DEQ and EPA square off:

Boy, if there is ever an instance of mismanagement, stupidity, and incompetence, the Flint water story is that.  And who has to trek for water?  You don’t have your own source or the ability to draw it:?

snow-generic-writingLots more pretty snow pictures here:

news-graphics-2006-_630663aSpace Junk to Cause Conflict:

A Bunker-Busting Nuke:

geography-of-tunisia0..imagech002392_lr005644-sdeolAnd riots in Tunisia:





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