News and Observations for the Day…. .

Wright-Obama-on-Iran-1200Ohhh, a state of the Union Today.  Huh.  Guess What – the state of the Union under this president, sucks.

State of the Union.  Hmm.  This guy couldn’t sell state of anything.  You might think that he’s a lame duck…. .   Duh.

Big Scottish Bank says, “sell everything.”  Already did.  Among other things.

3197556David Bowie died.

He was, on one hand, an absolute, hedonistic, weirdo.  On the other, yes, musical genius.   I loved his live by request, here, where he showed his normalcy:

…this video was, I believe, in ’08, perhaps 7 years prior to his death.  The point may be, live your life.  You may have time.  Not much though.

Ahhh, Iran detains Americans…. .  Huh.  Lets take bets on if this settles before any Trump swear-in;

US-IRAN-22572183876If the president had a pair….?

Clinton loosing ground.  Bout time?  When does the indictment come, please?

hillary-greedyAlmost did not post – What the Heck:

China and Russia, we need to pay attention.  To the former, not so much the latter, but I fear that we are asleep…. .

Fun Fun.


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