CAIR Threatens Suit in Cargill Sacking.


I’d like them to file and watch them get, as Trump said, Schlonged.  I would be surprised if CAIR did sponsor any litigation though.

Cargill has a good defense when demands start infringing on productivity.  More important, it seems as though Cargill treated all employees the same, accommodated the beliefs of those fired, and only let these particular employees go after they decided to make a statement and not show for work for 3 days.  Oops.

“There has been a desire among some employees to go in larger groups of people to pray. We just can’t accommodate that,” Martin said. “It backs up the flow of all the production. We’re a federally inspected, USDA inspected plant. We have to ensure food safety. We have to ensure the products we produce meet consumer expectations.”…

One weakness in the case may be that there appears, perhaps, to have been little unified or central communication from management on Cargills part:  Reportedly, some “victims” were told by middle or lower management something along the lines of “…if you want to pray, go home.”  Toeing the corporate line from the higher ups would have been safer.

Cargill, a company with 25 billion+ in revenue last quarter, should litigate any case filed and drive CAIR into the ground.

There was some talk of negotiation on CAIR’s part:

Sounds like they may have been talking to themselves then.

What a laugh.  So, if CAIR threatens anything further against this plant, Cargill could simply close it down.



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