Obamacare… .

9b71311f-996b-4c27-9496-ee55cfa37576Socialism does not work in a free market.  Unless you’re Obama, living some fantasy.

Over at the federalistpapers.com quoting Breitbart, quoting an urban institute study….:

The fundamental vulnerability of ObamaCare is that relatively healthy individuals would decide that the costs of even subsidized coverage exceeded its benefits. According to the Urban Institute study, even relatively healthy individuals are paying over 15 percent of their income for ObamaCare health insurance plans.

The costs for insuring those with even modest health care needs are in effect subsidized by these healthier individuals. If these healthier Americans decide that even the subsidized costs are too high, they will likely opt out of the program entirely. This will push the costs of those with more health care needs even higher, creating what economists warn could be a “death spiral,” where both premium and out-of-pocket costs skyrocket.

One can only hope.


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