….With the Holidays and All.

Took a good time off, and just got back.  Had to deal with work today.  That is a job…. .

Had Turkey.  x3, leftovers and all.  It was the dinner itself, sandwich’s then, and casserole.  All very good.  Something to be said for boiling the cranberries versus can.  The latter is not very good, if you do the former just right.

So, lots of commentary pending.   Obama misrepresenting us all.  The Climate Changers, holding us all to account for all, despite the fact that we, as in, America, gave them their prosperity, strive to make us pay… More to come on that…. .

Woodpile is back…. .  Shhh..

Go there and read.  Draw your own.

Lurking, me, and working…. .

But tune in later, and thanks.


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