United States v. Olofson; the Accidental Felon.


machinegunAn old story.  But makes me want to Join GOA.

(January 29, 2008) There are several ways for a person to unintentionally commit a felony, but most of them are looked at by prosecutors, judges, and juries as the accidents they are and dealt with accordingly. Such is not always the case however, especially when firearms are involved; for the past 2 years David Olofson has been learning that the hard way. Olofson is a regular guy who happens to be fond of AR15 style sport-utility rifles. He loaned a rifle to a friend. While the friend was shooting it he moved the safety switch to a point beyond the Fire position. The rifle fired a couple of short bursts and jammed. Someone at or near the club called the police to complain about machinegun fire. The police notified the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and David Olofson was subsequently charged and convicted of illegally transferring a machinegun.





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4 thoughts on “United States v. Olofson; the Accidental Felon.”

  1. did anyone ever mention that Dave worked in an Arms room on Ft Carson? and that he had access to all m16 fully auto rifles, was able to study and blue print the rifle to be drilled and install a butterfly?
    how about the known fact he was not a citizen and had taken a sovereign citizen role?
    how about all of the legal issues with the many run insurance with law enforcement over gun issues previously?
    have anuh of you seen the warehouse packed full of automatic weapons. hand grenades. and hundreds of thousands of round this group has in Fondulac alone ?


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