We Can Only Hope.

BAGHDADI-IRAQI MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR_0“Our last message is to the Americans. Soon we will be in direct confrontation, and the sons of Islam have prepared for such a day,” Baghdadi said. “So watch, for we are with you, watching.”

I am really tired of radical Muslims.  Of Cair – by the way, they tried to come out today to distance themselves, but, um, while they are not involved, I have to pitch a bit for the fact that they are, ahh, complicit…..bad……terrorists….? IMHO.  legal disclaimer…?  But I took a pause, and thank God I have a platform to point that out.

Ok, so, on these terrorists;

Sheesh.  I’m watching too.  Shut it.  All day today.  Yesterday.  The day before.  Last week.  All the time.  Just Shut it.  I am Prepared.  So when?

It was a hassle today, given Paris.  But not really anything different though.   Worried for a bit, me.  But I carry.   We had a great time today.  Went to a wonderful event, a fundraiser for lots and lots of infidels.

Christians too.  There were some Indian-Hindus there.  Sure they had a good time too.  So… .  Saw their head-stuff.  Nothing going on there.  Like those guys.

Metro-sexuals, college-students, gays, and wow.  Passed judgement me, on many.  But had a great time.

So, you Jihadi losers, on one hand, celebrating our right to free assemble:  We did that today.  On the other, we watch.  We watch. You couldn’t fight your way outta a paper bag, in any proper fight.  You wouldn’t show your ugliness here because you know we will fight.  And I will.  I know others that will too.

We watch.  And know you won’t.

You blow yourselves up, and we live.  We live.  Nothing happened today.  Because as I said yesterday, you’re a bunch of cowards.

I scanned the crowd.  Looked for you and your type.  Did not see you, or yours.  Took some other measures I will not say… .

We had a great big friendly time.  Lots of hugs.  I really liked that.  Went home and got a great big fight from my wife.  Why?  Well, because she can.  And I respect that.  But you never got that from yours, your wife, wives, significant other, heck, your ma… did’ja?  I did, and revel in the fact that I miss mine, while you, well,  you don’t know yours.

I don’t feel bad.  For you.

Here, classic John Wayne:


And I do love that guy.

Ok, so wrapping up;

We, in the West, we grew up in a great big, loving family.  Friendly.  Happy.  Idyllic.  So, where are you?  Seeking your 70-someting virgins, I suppose?  That’s a laugh.

I am looking for you.  This, during a big fat target-rich fund-raiser.  And more.  We watch for you.  We won’t be victims.

You attacked Paris.  So, where are you?  You’re watching?  Well, we’re watching too.  Closely.

No where.

I am feeling the Every Blade of Grass Thing…. .  I have my neighbor, and they have me.  So.  Where are you when you move next to me?


Come on.




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