Bear Attack!

GTY_grizzly_bear_jt_130818_16x9_992Bear Spray.  Right.


Idaho State Wildlife Manager Jon Rachael, “We’ve got a lot of bears running around looking for food.  They don’t have an abundant food sources up in higher elevations and as a result, I think we’re going to see more bears at a lower elevation which puts them in closer proximity to people.”

Rachael suggests to keep from attracting bears to your campsite, follow a few guidelines:

The chances of getting attacked by a bear are slim.  But then the chances of getting mugged or robbed are as well.  But when you don’t have what you may wish you did have in that time of need…. well…. .

We’ve done a lot of camping, hiking, etc., and did not have a firearm.  Sure, there’s ways of avoiding bears and discouraging them from chomping on you.

But #5 on that list: bring a gun.  Especially if you go to a place named “Bear Lake.”

List of bear attacks:

Woman dies after being attacked inside her home by a bear:

Polar bears North, Penguins South.  Good to know:




Hide and Seek:




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