Acorns… . Ugh.

Cool misty north Florida morning….. .

Working in the yard each year, I always wonder, what the heck can I do with all these acorns.  Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of tens of thousands, from about 5 mature oak trees… .   And oh, the leaves!  If I was obsessed, I could rake every weekend from now until March.

IMG_1042In general, their a pain.  They raise the soil acidy, and stain the drive.  They can make you slip and slide, get caught all over your car, and bang on the roof.

Yes yes, that’s where the old rusted out grills go to die…. .

They’re difficult to use for cooking as they are bitter – though there is supposedly a sweet acorn that Indians used to fight over…. .  Until humanity figured out how to get starch from other sources, like wheat.

To use acorns for bread, etc., you have to first leach the tannin’s out of them.  Or face constipation, bitter taste and other unpleasantness.

Preparing acorn flour:



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