I Thought This Guy Went Away… .

BLOrVUxCEAIDbeXPiers Morgan, writing from Across the Pond….

In 2008, the NRA won.

The Supreme Court officially embraced the individual-rights view of the 2ndAmendment.

From that day, gun sales have rocketed to record levels and America has become the Wild West. A country where the gun is king, minor disputes quickly turn deadly, and everyone assumes everyone else is armed.

The biggest spikes in gun and ammo sales come in the immediate aftermath of a massacre.


Because the NRA, led by its sinister President, Wayne LaPierre, jumps up to tell everyone two things: 1) The Government will now try and ban guns, so buy them quick 2) The only way to stop mass shootings is for everyone else to have a gun too, so buy one quick.

It really is as cynical, and simple, as that.

The result of this is utter carnage on the streets of America.

Who is Morgan to opine on America and the 2nd Amendment.   He needs to stick his nose elsewhere…. .




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