Paper is Just That, Part 2.

Deputy Myers.

Okaloosa Sheriff Deputy Bill Myers gunned down by a domestically violent nut case.

Myers was at a local law office to serve a domestic violence injunction on Joel Dixon Smith.  Asked to appear at Smith’s lawyers office to serve the injunction and collect Smith’s guns.  Unfortunately, Myers turned his back on Smith, who shot the Deputy multiple times in the back and head.


Authorities say Joel Dixon Smith, a 33-year-old Niceville man, shot Myers outside the law offices of Cotton & Gates on Plew Avenue. Smith was there meeting with his attorney, Mike Gates, who called the Sheriff’s Office and said his client was prepared to surrender his weapons, as required by the injunction.

Dixon fled the scene and was followed to a local hotel where he was shot by the County SRT.

And of course, the left already using this terrible thing for, some point I cannot see, or agree with:

There are multiple things that could have been done to avoid this tragedy, but I am reminded that injunctions are just that.

There is a go fund me page (the only good thing found in the opinion referenced above):


dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsBob Owens, at Bearing Arms:

Quick! Someone get our delicate anti-gun opposites to a fainting couch!

A no-nonsense Louisiana sheriff has dared say what they cannot stand to hear.

Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley said the domestic murder case in Geismar this week case shows the limits of a system meant to protect victims.

While Sheriff Wiley said it is important to fully utilize the legal system, he said it can’t protect victims 24/7. He suggested an additional option.

“Get your concealed weapons permit. Ladies, learn how to safely handle a weapon, learn how to safely store a weapon, and when you’re in a situation like this shoot him in your back yard before he gets in your house. Drop him,” said Wiley.

The Sheriff admitted the advice may sound radical, but he said extreme violence requires extraordinary efforts for protection.

“Take the extremes necessary to live a life where you don’t have to worry about your kids and your life,” said Wiley.

Wiley’s comments came in response to a situation in his jurisdiction where a woman was beaten to death with a baseball bat after her estranged husband proved that a restraining order is paper thin.

So very true.

I get hundreds of injunctions, orders, judgments every year for all types of cases.  At the end of every day, its just paper.   Completely useful in a civil society.  But sometimes people are not, civil.  Even with the injunction, safety planning is necessary – like layers of an onion.  Each contributing its own but all working together.


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