Bersa Thunder .380.

Bought in 2008.  Probably had 2500+ rounds through it.  Lots of people don’t like them.  I visited one shop, where the counter clerk sniffed “we don’t sell Bersa here, they’re no good.”  Snob.

Sure, there are better guns out there…. .  But the Bersa is affordable, has a lifetime warranty and does shoot well.  It’s light and easy to carry too.  Think Walther PPK clone.

IMG_0907 - Copy
Thunder lower with new parts.

I beg to differ, on one hand, yet this one has been in for repair 3 times.  Once for a broken trigger return spring and twice recently for a bad safety lever.  Nice to have a lifetime warranty.

IMG_0906 - Copy
New De-Cocker cam and firing pin.

On the first recent trip, the entire slide was replaced, and when it was returned, the safety lever still did not operate correctly.

Back it went, and this time they replaced the hammer, sear, sear spring, hammer strut, mag safety, ejector, “d4 cam” (whatever that is…), de-cocker cam and trigger bar.  Hmm.  Would it kill them to just gimme a new one?

IMG_0904 - CopyOff to the range to try it out soon hopefully.  Looks to be working, function tests fine.



5 thoughts on “Bersa Thunder .380.”

  1. Other than the pot metal saturday night specials, ‘most’ guns will work. You do occasionally get a ‘bad’ one, or one requiring multiple trips to the shop. ‘I’ would be very careful about putting my life on the line with any gun until I’d proven to myself it was going to function properly every time… Just sayin… It’s also about what one can afford too…


    1. No matter what the product, from time to time a “lemon” is born. If not the design, then the materials that it is made from might be inferior, counterfeit, or out of spec. It happens despite the reputation of the company making it. Think Remington 700 triggers. Might be time to unload the Thunder for something else. Trade it in. Glock 30 maybe? In .45? A big boy gun.


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