That’s Not a Knife – THIS, is a Knife… . Re-post.

199j68adadd7tjpgTo quote a bad movie from the 80’s… .

IMG_0097Needed a good pocket knife… . I had heard of Kershaw before, but never bothered.  This little pocket knife is pretty nice.  Seems well-thought out.

I did not realize that it was some sorta “speedblade.”  Think of a switch blade.  Some sort of spring-loading mechanism.  Interesting.  The “spine” has a protrusion you simply pull with your finger.  When you pull down on the thing, the blade flicks out lightning-quick.

My SO asked me, “what is that clicking noise I have been hearing all day…?.”  Well, I have been playing – opening the blade –  all day.  Well, not all day.  Just enough to annoy perhaps.

IMG_0101Nice grip too:

IMG_0094Deep pocket clip.  Reversible.

IMG_0095Tanto Blade.  History of that too.  Interesting.


IMG_0098IMG_0099IMG_0100IMG_0096I’ve used it to cut all kindsa things.  Its sharp.


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