Michigan’s Open Carry in Schools.

hqdefaultSo, last March Michigan resident Joshua Wade was at a school in liberal Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan (boo…hiss…).  All sorts of hand-wringing ensued with an educator there literally outing him in front of a large group of others.

As reported at mlive.com last March;

In between sets, DiBlassio approached the row Wade was sitting in and attempted to photograph him. Following the concert, he stood at the back of the theater and asked for everyone’s attention before pointing out that Wade had been openly carrying his pistol during the event.

“I told everyone I thought they should be aware that while they were at the concert watching their kids that there was someone with a firearm and ammunition and maybe we want to think about that,” DiBlassio said.

He went on to tell people to look into contacting school board members and state representatives if they also felt uncomfortable.

“I posed the question to them saying ‘don’t we want something like a gun-free campus’ for our schools,” DiBlassio said. “And I said I personally wasn’t comfortable with this.”

As he finished speaking, DiBlassio said told everyone in the audience where Wade had been sitting and that he was wearing a white shirt.

Here we have a responsible gun owner, minding his own business, being accosted by a bunch a do-good-er antis.  Do-gooders and nosy.

Of course a lawsuit ensued against the local School Board, the Board lost, and more angst on the part of some:

Dr. Sonya Lewis, an Ann Arbor parent who has spoken out against guns in schools, said she was disappointed in the Clio lawsuit ruling and supports Ann Arbor schools.

“Guns in schools jeopardize the physical and emotional safety of students and staff and disrupt the process of learning,” she said. “We can’t determine the intentions of a someone carrying a gun by sight alone.” 

Um, yes, actually.  Actually you can.  And the only disruption here is your wailing and gnashing of teeth on the matter.

Anti’s don’t know that there is a difference between a law-abiding peaceful person who may happen to be armed, and this guy:

The antagonist is instantly recognizable.

So Lewis and others do what most liberals who don’t get their way do, file some misguided petition:

The petition states:

“Michigan schools should be safe havens where children have the right to learn in an environment that’s free of the danger, stress, terror and disruption caused by guns in school. Teachers should have the right to teach in an intimidation-free environment without the extra burden of having to determine whether a person carrying a gun at school is a threat. 

The recent open carry incidents at Michigan schools have shown that it’s up to our lawmakers to keep guns out of schools: until you act, open carry extremists will continue to cause expensive and disruptive lockdowns and put our children in danger.”

Sheesh.  Hey, I have an idea, how about you amend the law to allow concealed carry then.






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