Fight Back!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A resident defending his property shot an attempted breaking and entering suspect, ultimately leading to his arrest Wednesday evening.just-in-time-photography (5)The reporter in the story went on to tell readers that if confronted with an intruder in the home, don’t resist.

Police say the answer is clear — you should never fight back. Their biggest piece of advice — DO NOT RESIST!

Here are other ways to protect yourself:

— Try to stay calm: Don’t make any sudden movements to upset the robber.

— Tell the robber about anything that might surprise him for example, someone is on their way home.

— If you have to move or reach, tell the robber what you’re doing.

— And of course, try to get a good look at the robber so you can describe them later

Terrible advice.

TTAG’s Dean Weingarten has it right:

Missing from the analysis above, is the cost and benefit to the rest of society. When criminals are “given what they want,” they are taught an important lesson: crime pays, and violating others rights is a rewarding activity. This leads to more crime. People respond to incentives.


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