Coming soon to a community near you…. .


And the French are pitching a fit after they feel Britain does not do enough… .

Or rather, its already here…. .

Popular liberal media just won’t report it.


2 thoughts on “Coming soon to a community near you…. .”

  1. And this isn’t counting the ‘political refugees’ from the middle east that are being ‘resettled’ in various parts of the US (attempting to turn red states blue like Michigan).


    1. Yes indeed. I’m all for recruiting talented and useful immigrants. But that’s not what this administration is doing, of course. I say kick all the illegals out. Stop taking in refugees on such a wide and open basis. Build a great big wall on the Southern and Northern borders. Reopen Ellis island. Get rid of most entitlements, save for the truly disabled, health insurance for eligible children and elderly. Do away with citizenship just because you were born here – no more anchor-babies. No or significantly reduced corporate taxes. Gee, I should run for president.


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