So, Not watched.

waving-american-flag-graphics-4-1Listen here.

I am a libertarian conservative.  I believe, myself, in traditional America.  That, may be long gone.   Really, it is.  Sorry friends.

I have many memories growing up in the 70’s.  It was wonderful.  And what I expected.  Those times are gone.  I can talk politics about those times.  Those times are not now.

These days.  These days when children do not get to learn of our greatness.  Of how important our Constitution is. That remains.  Not learned.

That Constitution, Its a partnership between the living, and the dead.  So there.  None of this is taught today.  Its a pact between good.  And bad.  If I say this, well, these days,  I dunno.  I’m a dullard.

So.  OK.

Listen.  Pledge your honor.

I know why.  I know why our forefathers were sacked, killed, or died.  They did.  They were men of means.  Not hungry men.  Not fanatical incendiaries.  They had all to loose.

Not my words.  I see why some seek to take us, as they say, into circles.

But we, sadly, are coming up on that time.  A time of challenge.  Once again.  I hope all of you can stand fast.  Stand fast for common sense.  Storms are a quality of life.  That. That is the answer.

Think about it.  Come home with a black eye.  But stand for it.  Think about your Honor.  Claim it.

The LCD will not get it.

Plan for bad times.  Help your fellow man.  To an extent.

Be involved in your local government.  Not only is it fascinating, but if you believe in God, country and self, well, there you go.

We will get what we deserve.

That, is the sum of it Americans,

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