Woman Shoots lots of game, twitter erupts. Or, more Distraction.

2B07143800000578-3182671-Quarry_Sabrina_Corgatelli_a_keen_huntress_from_Boise_Idaho_uploa-a-5_1438485747855And the Anti-Hunter Crowd Bays for Justice.   Ironic, those who criticize with some desire to cherish and protect wildlife lash out so violently.

They even threatened the woman’s livelihood, asking her employer to terminate her.

Recipe for Giraffe:

Ingredients –


  1. Put the giraffe fillet (If it isn’t available in your area, a chicken breast will do) in a plastic bag, lay it flat on the counter and fram it with either a frammer or the heel of your hand so it flattens a bit and cooks evenly.
  2. Then, after taking it out of the bag (hey, you gotta tell this to some people, you’d be surprised) fry the meat in olive oil on medium heat for seven minutes on each side.
  3. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, warm minced garlic and onions in olive oil in a small pan on medium heat.
  4. Quickly, before the garlic and onions have a chance to brown, add the jalapenos and, after a moment’s hesitation, pour in the cream and sherry.
  5. When the giraffe is almost ready, cut the banana in half lengthwise. Dice one half and throw it in with the sauce, and the other half put in the pan with the giraffe. It will take on some of the flavor of the meat, without any possible germs that it might’ve absorbed earlier.
  6. When ready, spoon the sauce over the fillet, serve with the other banana half on the side, and enjoy! (Chef’s Tip—If you forget to wear gloves when handling the peppers, and you learn what they mean when others refer to Hunan Hand, I have found it can be cured by rubbing the palms and fingers with red onion. I have not tried white, yellow, or green onions yet, so I cannot say if they will be effective. And if you have blue onions, call me).

Facebook comments after the Break.  Not suitable for small children.

UntitledJust a small sample of the thousands of comments she received.

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