French immigration crisis.

Illegal tent camp at Port in Calais.

Apparently, thousands of illegal immigrants flood shipping and transport terminals in Calais France.  In doing so, they threaten truck drivers, police, etc., and also ruin shipments they break into.

French police face off with waves of illegals.

Its causing quite a stir and is becoming very expensive.

“We Made It!”

Once they make it to Britain, they are fed, provided free clothes and nice soft comfy hotel rooms, to the valid chagrin of many.

Some stats, from the

4,000 Estimated migrants currently camped out around Calais

100-150 Migrants who arrive in Calais every day

700 Migrants from Calais granted asylum in France last year

1,200 Migrants from Calais deported from France last year

21 miles Distance between Dover and Calais

£12 million The amount Britain has spent reinforcing borders in Calais

18,170 Stowaways attempting to get to Britain between January 1 and May

British PM has said he will send in the military and “sniffer dogs”.  And is promptly criticized.


Gee, I’m really glad we don’t have anything like that here… .



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