Police ‘Likely’ to Destroy 6.5 Tons Of Ammo From Palisades Home

A collection of guns found at Jeffrey Lash’s home. (Twitter/KTLA)

Sheesh.  Only in California.  Help yourself to the dead man’s personal property, toss all the guns on a tarp on the ground.


See, the guns and ammo – and anything else owned by the deceased – belong to his estate.  Not The State.

Even if there are no heirs, you still have to go through probate.  Or not – the deceased lived with a fiance apparently for many years.  She could have simply taken possession of the collection so long as no other heir objected.

Even if the dead was an eccentric odd-ball, California has no legal precedent that I am aware of to simply go in and plunder.  But here, they are.



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