Gun Blog Black List.

gbbl5Yes, of course its a pleasure to be on the black list.  We have to stick together.  Tickled.

My go-to site for connections on the internet,, just posted me.  Yay Me!  Thanks NFO.  (notice I did not put “old” in front of that, do I get credit?  Didja see? Didja?)  Blacklist is all things 2nd A, Politics, Humor and just down-right common sense stuff in the morass we work in when it comes to “teh interwebs”, whatever that means.

Us lone-voice-in-the-dark patriots and just average Americans have somewhere to go.  Blacklist is the place.  Just have fun, and make that site your homepage.  Its mine.

And buy this guys books, serious:

NFO, I get like, two hits a day, so…. .  And I did not post yer mug.


Thanks again,



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