A new (old) take on prepping foods for storage in mylar… . Redux.

One of the 1st posts here from last year.  Did some more of these recently.  Long term storage.  Checked on them, they are still very much sealed tight.

From August 2014:


So, we ordered some mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and then gathered rice, beans, etc.  Looking at other sites that gave an overview of how to put together foods in mylar for long-term storage, the common theme seemed to be – put mylar bag in bucket, dump in rice/beans, and seal.  Well, why not mix it up?


Five gallon food-grade bucket with gamma lid?  Yep.  But you can use other containers too…;

photo 1

….like 30-lb cat litter containers!

I filled mine with beans, rice, soup-mix, abuleta chocolate (!), salt, sugar, coffee, dried peas and lentils, corn-meal and miscellaneous spices – all separately sealed in 1-gallon and 1-quart ziplocks, with their own oxygen absorbers.  That, my friends, is all the happiness you can find in a bucket.  Or cat-litter container.

photo 2 photo 3


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