What I am reading…. . And Watching.

I have been remiss on the blogging recently…because, work.

But, I wanted to post a couple of things…. .  Observations if you will.

This, is awesome;


We could not get near this with a 10-foot pole.  Not this year.  Traffic pile-ups and too hot for us, but yes, a wonderful sight.  Love the close pass.  So did everyone else.  Watch the video.

donaldtrump61815Trump.  Hmm.  Bombastic as he is, he says what many feel.  Myself included.   My worry is that he won’t get any nomination with the GOP, and then will become a 3rd party candidate.  Not good.  That would put Hillary in office.  Hope I’m wrong.

Personally, I think the RINOS need a wrecking ball.  But not right now.  Not Trump.  As was pictured on the New Yorker cover last weekend, he’s belly flopping the pool.  And with good reason.  The GOP puts Trump out, he then runs independent, and we’re sunk.  Hillary for prez then.  So some say.

I hate politics.

Another observation, and note well – Obama did not order half-staff for the slaughter of our servicemen on the  Abdulazeez shooting until today.  Today.  The shooting, that happened last week.  Or the week before?  Popular media seeks to ignore, or not cover.  Lest we forget:

150717142821-4-marines-killed-chattanooga-shooting-identified-nr-00000000-large-169There was a 5th.  Navy.  Could not get his pic for this post.  Just as important.


150720222530-chattanooga-shooting-mohammed-abdulazeez-friend-interview-griffin-ac-00014808-large-169Chattanooga shooter Mohammad Abdulazeez;  his relatives are now claiming they had no idea.  That he was depressed and drug-addled.

No excuse.  This is their victim card re-direct.  He knew what he was doing.  He was not the “boy next door.”  What he did was what it was.   Inspired by Islamic terror.

Big Surprise.  That popular media does not call that shooting for what it is.  That those connected with Abdulazeez seek to redirect.  That nobody in the media will care about damage trump will do.  That nobody thinks about why Obama did not order flags at half-staff before today.

A tragic farce.  All of it.

Blue Angels.  Watch them.  The video above.


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