Alligator eats Cody the dachshund at a Florida wildlife refuge.

Pebbles keeps watch for Gators…. . Her owner does too. Unlike Cody. Poor Cody. (note the sign in the picture….)


So down Florida way, Mike Karris and his fiancee, Rae Wilkerson, went to the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge, apparently unclear as to what might actually live in a wildlife refuge in Florida. They brought their 11 year old Dachshund named Cody, aka “Box Lunch” with them, and they thought that it would be a good idea to let Cody run around off the leash in this wildlife refuge. By the water. In Forida.

It didn’t take but a minute for an 8-foot long alligator to lunge up out of the water and snatch Cody up, spiriting him back into the water and making off with him.

Insert moment of silence for Cody here.


And from the Tallahassee Democrat:

Sometimes complacency in the long interval between the rare attacks can cause people to forget they are coming close to dangerous wild animals.

Complacency?  Try stupidity.


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