This Week….

What I have been reading…. .  Work still consumes.  In any event…



OMG!  I’m so surprised!  Yeah, right.

So, refusing service to someone, has very serious consequences.  Did anyone see the story about WalMart making an ISIS flag-cake last week, but refusing to make a Confederate flag-cake?

More supreme court ridiculousness.  You could now marry your sister.  Perhaps your cat.

What, prey tell, will you do when cash runs out here?  And it likely will.

Ok, a local story perhaps.  Crestview had every opportunity to do their own Fed Ex center, and could have.  Leaders of that City failed.  A non-issue for most readers, but something of interest for me.

Ann Coulter is right.  Donald Trump, for all his bluster, he’s right too.

Ahh, sad story.  I can only think his last words were “Hey! Watch This!”

You can burn the US flag.  But don’t expect not to get hassled.

75 years of marriage.  A sweet couple.

The ISIS handbook on how to survive in the West is ridiculous.  But its not going to stop nutjobs from trying to act.  Condition yellow.  Or Red?



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