Nothing to See Here… . Move Along… .

Victim (left), One of the accused (right)

Al Sharpton et al have not gone to Baltimore city to support the victim in this case… .  The man on the left, above, was beaten by a mob of black teens just a couple of months ago.  Right outside his own home.  As some teens were fighting and ended up on top of his car, reports said, he went out to tell them to move away.

Richard Fletcher, a 61-year-old Dundalk man, beaten.

As not too many others have noted, this story is not part of any narrative.  Some “national discussion.”  Not that it should be – but neither should many other cases be part of the daily news cycle.

“Teen Mob nearly beats man to death — for nothing.

Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and others were made into months-long national stories, dominating the headlines and airtime, despite the fact that both were criminals.

Have you seen even one nightly news broadcast about this racial savagery? I can answer that for you: you haven’t. Because a search of LexisNexis shows it has not been mentioned even once on any network broadcast at any time of day.

Why?  Because liberals want people to believe the only ones that are racist are white and conservative.  That narrative supports their agenda.  That’s pretty much it.  And that’s not my analysis or original thought.  Its about feeling entitled and power.  Its been said before:

“Yes, there’s a double-standard.  And until there’s full equality and the long slow process of racial healing is completed, the double-standard has to remain.”

Another point to make, and perhaps why I, a middle-aged white male – write this post – I’m tired of being called racist.  Even with the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality, it was suggested that we, as hetro-conservatives, are bigoted towards those of different sexual orientation.

Some victims are valued less than others socially and politically.  And nothing shuts down rational conversation or debate than throwing the race card.



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