Jacksonville Proposes Fines for Backing In… .

Slow news day…sorta.  Just a gripe on a story of local interest… .

541029819_5121c0f609JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — For those who prefer to back vehicles into their driveways, a proposal pending before City Council would make it illegal to park their cars that way unless their license plate information is clearly visible from the street.

Seems these days, some seek to regulate everything.  Designed to address junk in peoples yard, introduced by a Democrat, this proposal is stupid.  Some city councilman probably annoyed at his neighbor.  And one that represents one of the most blighted areas of that city, apparently.

Proponents say it’s needed because city code enforcement inspectors face problems cracking down on abandoned vehicles because they need to get the license plate information in order to write a citation. If they cannot see the tags from the street because the car is backed in, they cannot go onto private property to get a closer look at the front of the vehicle.

If I’ve backed my car into my driveway, its because of convenience, for me.  Not you.  My car.  My driveway.  My property.  If you want to get licence plate info, get it some other way.

On a related note, when the friendly property appraiser comes by and asks if they can come inside and see what improvements you’ve made, you can politely tell them No.

There are other ways of addressing blight.

Text of proposal here:


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