Trump and Univision

Apparently Trump has some contract with Univision for the Miss America deal.  Whatever.

Trump is a Buffoon.  But he’s a powerful man.  And yes, he has ideas.

And after the Trump/Univision snafu emerged, someone at Univision, a higher-up, posted this tweet:

Alberto-Ciurana-insta-trump-roofMistake.  A higher up in Univision speaks out in this fashion?  Think what you may about Trump.  But you’re going to allow your execs to do this?  Univision.   Speaks to the times.

But if I were Trump, lawsuits would soon ensue.

Oh boy.

What I’m Reading…. .

When I have not been working… .  We can – should – all be rightfully pissed at this:


But some other highlights:

Might have been.  I know if it was, it should be obvious, but its not a reason to take down every confederate memorial in the south, just because… .  Some have agendas…. .

This deal, after Iran’s legislators voted on any agreement, chanted “death to America”, should be off the table.  Never should have been served up to begin with.

Greece is going down.  In these times, they cannot avoid it.  They will drag the rest of the EU with them.  Germany will protect itself, as will Spain, and all the others.

Yes please.   At least this Administrations doing something.  Though don’t trust State or AG to do anything right.  Holder.

ISIS depravity.  You have to see and know about it to do something about it.  The world, this Admin., does nothing.

Drones.  Love ’em or leave em.  Were not gonna leave ’em.

Old guns.

Job security.  Or not.

This confederate flag controversy hits home.  I’m a Yankee.  I could care less.  This outsider’s-in perspective says its all about status.  Its BS.  Many will take the opportunity to “make change.”  Its crap.

Lucky gunner gets fees.  Pay up Brady.  Pay up.  Stroke that check.

This columnist, the left-wing huppke guy – is an idiot.  ‘Nuff said.

More on this confederate flag issue.  Huh.  I bet Hillary won’t talk about it, and popular media won’t make it a big deal.

A great site.  A fun site.  Knots are good.

Old NFO reading the tea-leaves.

Because, Bees!  Wasps, hornets, flies, etc., bad.  Bees good.

Finally, we have Moose.  Meese?  Be glad you don’t live in Alaska.  Or not.  Actually, Alaska looks pretty good.  ‘Cept during winter.   ‘Cept for the random Moose attack.  That happens too.