Kaliningrad Oblast.

3E6A4C36-ED49-4E51-9038-B4EB49AE337A_w640_r1_s_cx0_cy5_cw0Russia pours military hardware into Kaliningrad.

A forgotten place, but now, a forward operating base of sorts and very strategic.

B692615A-68E6-4AE6-9089-A09B0C5C4AF9_w268Located on the Baltic Sea and separated from Russia by Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus, it was annexed from Germany after WWII.


On a related note, Should the US Build a Cruise missile shield Network to Deter Russia?

It appears that they are.  Over at Restoring Liberty;

defense-large (2)The Pentagon is quietly working to set up an elaborate network of defenses to protect American cities from a barrage of Russian cruise missiles.

The plan calls for buying radars that would enable National Guard F-16 fighter jets to spot and shoot down fast and low-flying missiles. Top generals want to network those radars with sensor-laden aerostat balloons hovering over U.S. cities and with coastal warships equipped with sensors and interceptor missiles of their own.

Apparently the DC corridor already has an effective and advanced radar network to detect such threats.


Florida mailman lands a gyrocopter on Capitol lawn.









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