Bersa S**t

So, somebody came by today seeking Bersa S**t.  That was one of the most popular searches today that linked to my site.   I aim to please.

The Bersa in .380 is the Argentinian clone of the PPK.  In many countries, you can’t have anything over .380.

1911 up top. Bersa on the Bottom.

I can say this, you either love ’em, or leave ’em.  Good design.  Easy carry.

DA/SA, .380, external hammer, fixed barrel, nice beaver tail, easy on the hand and recoil, all of that.  A cheap Walther PPK for sure, yeah yeah.

I like mine, but its outta commission.  Needs to be sent back.  The safety/decocker lever is not working – sometimes it de-cocks,  Sometimes it does not.  Either way, it will be sent back.  Lifetime warranty.  Its been a good deal.  Until it’s not.  I pay freight to send it, each time.  That is a Not.  This is going to be the 3rd time.  So.  Not.

I put many rounds through this gun, without problem.  Mixed feelings then.

IMG_0122The last time I sent it in, the entire slide was replaced.  Designated “out of spec,” for whatever that’s worth.  Does not work after that.  Well, it works, but not like it should.

It will go back.  Again.  It’s been a good little pistol, but it’s trying my patience.