Hillary’s Campaign to Implode.

hillary-greedySo, at some point, this Candidates run for Office has to fall apart, yes?  Not a bad thing.  Right?

Clinton is a non-stop cascade of disqualification, and the Democrats know it. We are months, maybe even weeks, away from the straw that finally breaks the back of her misbegotten ambitions. If nothing else, some legacy media news editor hard-pressed for copy sales or ratings will finally pull the trigger on the Jeffrey Epstein/Pedophile Island scandal, and even a healthy campaign could never withstand the spectacle of the candidate’s husband being credibly accused as a serial debaucher of underaged prostitutes.

And when that time finally comes, and the inevitable euthanasia of Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions finally materializes, it won’t be Sanders who benefits. Nor will the other Lilliputian Democrat hopefuls, like Jim Webb, Lincoln Chaffee or Martin O’Malley.




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