Buh Bye!



Two Broward County brothers were sentenced Thursday after admitting they planned a terrorist attack on New York City landmarks and then assaulted two U.S. marshals while in custody.

The judge emphasized to both men that the U.S. had welcomed them and provided them with many opportunities and benefits when they moved here with their family in 2000. They were living in an apartment in the Sailboat Pointe community on Oakland Park Boulevard, rented by Sheheryar Qazi and his wife, when the brothers were arrested.

The men took advantage of educational benefits by attending public school and college classes in South Florida, the judge told them said.

The older brother also received treatment at medical centers here and his young son has benefited from taxpayer-supported pre-school, the judge said.


Of course they took advantage of all that this Country has to offer.  For many muslims, taking advantage of the infidels is part of the plan, it’s the “tax” from non-believers that they think they are entitled to.


choud620_1674690a‘People will say, ‘Ah, but you are not working’. But the normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar (non-Muslim).

‘So we take Jihadseeker’s Allowance. You need to get support.’


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