USS Harnett County (LST-821) the China Sea Conflict, and the “Nine Dash Line.”

The Harnett, during its heyday. Image: Wikipedia.

800px-UH-1E_HAL-4_LST-821_Oct1967China’s “kill chain:” China’s bid to control and project power in the China Sea, in the Spratley and Paracel Islands, and other countries competing interests in that area.  It has generated some news lately.

Not something that the Most Common Denominator in the US would pay attention to.  But perhaps a flashpoint for future conflict.

The USS Harnett County was a landing-craft in WW2, given to Vietnam, and then ended up with the Phillipines.  When it was then run aground to serve as an outpost in the highly-contested Spratley Islands.

The Harnett today, aka the Sierra Madre, stuck on a reef by the Philippine Navy in its dispute with China. Wonder if those old guns work.

China has made claims to the islands, despite the fact that its really not anywhere near their own maritime boarders.

In any event, China’s goals are to establish static “aircraft-carriers” in that area, to allow them to project power, make claims on natural resources, and counter any threat from US Carrier groups.  Word is, the latter would last just about as long as the former if any major conflict breaks out.

And apparently, if China seeks to tow the Harnett County off the reef its grounded on, we’re obligated to intervene.  How nice.

And made possible by the current administration.



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