The Most Common Demoninator… .

waving-american-flag-graphics-4-1They don’t know from where we came.  What our forefather’s did for us.  What they sacrificed.  Ask a kid who Washington, Thomas Nelson, or Francis Lewis was.  Not going to happen.   Nope.

So, a repeat post, here, this evening. A post I did before.  Did not get a lot of hits.  But here’s the thing;  we may be in trouble this summer.  If that’s the case, can we pledge our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor?   Does anyone know what that means?

declarationNot sure.  Not sure of that at all.

The stream of freedom now runs muddy.  We can’t count on the “man on the street” to be “reverent for their country.”  They don’t know what that means.

Times may change, but how we forget our past.  Especially with those that come here and don’t pay attention.  And they do not.  So here it is.  Watch it.  I don’t eat greens at the local diner without thinking about their sacrifice.  The Destruction, Death,  and Deprivation they suffered.  For us.

56 men signed it.  So Watch it.

Burn Boston they said.  Though it makes Hancock a beggar.   That’s what so many faced.  Sacrifice.

Worst case, they faced a hang-mans rope.  Best case, the revolutionary war.  There you go.  Our country was founded by men.  With nothing to lose.  Who did give it all.  All of it.  Liberty so much more than security.

What impression did you have of our founders?  What impression did you have?  They were prosperous.  Wealthy.  But they considered liberty as more important than anything more.  They fulfilled their pledge.  For our country.

56 Men.

I don’t know what impression you “had” “had.”   Many paid the price though.  Our freedom was born of fire.  That Liberty is something that others pledged lives for.

So we pledge.  Or not.  The most common denominator.


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