Dog Fight!

Dogs, being dogs.   And happy.  Good dogs.

IMG_0258In the first corner, we have pebbles.  Good pebbles.  My wife wanted to name her “Taquila.”  I will tell that story later.  Maybe.

Anyway, pebbles is very happy to be united with her mother, Sophie.

IMG_0275Next up, Sophie.  Pebbles’ mother.  Just as dopey.  Very loveable.  A big flower.  A pushover.  Though, the first time I saw her she ran at me full-bore across a yard and skeerd the you-know-what outta me.  Something about a strange dog running at you outta the darkness.  That gets your attention.  That had a happy ending though.  She is a wall-flower.


IMG_0267IMG_0265IMG_0269IMG_0270It is fun to see mother dog teach daughter dog.  Sophie does. Well, notice how they fight laying down.

I have seen sophie drop the hammer when we are on walks and some strange dog runs up in a fury.  Sophie wins.  Pebbles stands aside.  The dynamic is quite amazing. Alien dog runs away.  Sophie does what is needed, amazingly.  The kids (pebbles and piper – the kids) keep to the side.  The humans did too, it happened so fast.

They are sweet and I wish I could show video.  Happy dogs.  Happy times.

FullSizeRenderPosing for the camera.

We love them.

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