Dog Fight!

Dogs, being dogs.   And happy.  Good dogs.

IMG_0258In the first corner, we have pebbles.  Good pebbles.  My wife wanted to name her “Taquila.”  I will tell that story later.  Maybe.

Anyway, pebbles is very happy to be united with her mother, Sophie.

IMG_0275Next up, Sophie.  Pebbles’ mother.  Just as dopey.  Very loveable.  A big flower.  A pushover.  Though, the first time I saw her she ran at me full-bore across a yard and skeerd the you-know-what outta me.  Something about a strange dog running at you outta the darkness.  That gets your attention.  That had a happy ending though.  She is a wall-flower.


IMG_0267IMG_0265IMG_0269IMG_0270It is fun to see mother dog teach daughter dog.  Sophie does. Well, notice how they fight laying down.

I have seen sophie drop the hammer when we are on walks and some strange dog runs up in a fury.  Sophie wins.  Pebbles stands aside.  The dynamic is quite amazing. Alien dog runs away.  Sophie does what is needed, amazingly.  The kids (pebbles and piper – the kids) keep to the side.  The humans did too, it happened so fast.

They are sweet and I wish I could show video.  Happy dogs.  Happy times.

FullSizeRenderPosing for the camera.

We love them.

A Separate Warrior Class and Our Dear Leader.

barack-obama-umbrella-press-conference-600x350Interesting reading.

Over at old NFO. 


Interesting.  NATO raised an alarm two years ago on budget reductions.  What, you were not possibly worried about Putin and he would of course never annex part of Ukraine, and cause Western Europe serious heartburn, right?  That Putin would never wage war in East Ukraine, and no-one would do anything about it?  That no Western media outlet would report about it, as a serious problem?

Nothing to see here.  Move along.

Where’s my Obama phone… .