Tsarnaev’s Mother. Acting Ugly. Update: And Now, On Our Dime.

Tsarnaeva, mother of two men suspected of carrying out the Boston bombings, attends a news conference in Makhachkala

BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) — The family of the convicted marathon bomber is in America, on your tax dollars, and survivors are outraged after learning the news.

Sources say these family members are being called as witnesses and not only that, at least three agencies are working around the clock to protect and transport them. This is all part of the defense team’s strategy to save Tsarnaev. While it’s unclear when their flight started, we know the last part of it came through Amsterdam and landed at Logan Airport and cost nearly $2,500 per person.

How nice.

Should be interesting if she testifies for the Defense.  I would love to see how they present this woman’s testimony, in context of some of her prior ugly and ignorant comments:

“They will pay for my sons and the sons of Islam, permanently!!!” threatened Zubeidat Tsarnaeva in a bitter rant sent to the media/technology website Vocativ.

“The tears of their mothers will be fuel for them in hell,” continued the lengthy missive penned after Wednesday’s conviction of her younger son, 21-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.



Boston Bomber, Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s mother hits out at American Media. 

Boo hoo.

They, the Tsarnaev’s, came to this county, could not fit in, and left.  Hurt feelings and all.  Well, I’m not sorry for them.  That they could not take their misfit murdering sons with them when they left, that is the tragedy.

A Mother will always, always stick up for her son.  Strangely, in this case.  I don’t get it then.  Tsarnaev is absolutely a cold-blooded killer.  The Defense in the case has an uphill battle for sure, due process and all.  I get it.  But lest us not forget, this young kid:

727148ac3d946b044a0f6a706700ce60_c0-584-1428-1416_s561x327There, at the finish line, happy and all.  Blown to bits.  Literally.  In the prime, the absolute prime of his life.  8 years old or so.  Could not be saved.

A family blown to bits, and this mother had the audacity to do

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